Gaaays In Spaaace is thrilled to announce our first ever All Good Future Things contest is now accepting entries! We want to see your view of a hopeful future; whether it be a short story, script, short film, comic, or any other piece of narrative fiction. The point is to tell a science-fiction story that makes us believe in a bright future for humanity. Perhaps the technology, worlds, or aliens are things only you can imagine but the characters remind us of what it means to be human and makes us yearn to live in that future. Help us show that science fiction doesn’t have to be dystopian in order to be engaging. What’s more, there are prizes!

3rd place

  • Will receive a $250 cash prize,

2nd place

  • Will receive a $500 cash prize,

-1st place

  • Will receive a $1,000 cash prize

  • Will have their work sent to publishers* to consider for publication!

The top five contestants will be given the opportunity to present their work to all the guests at an exclusive party next summer. Among these guests will be our Star Trek celebrity pals as judges! 

*specific publishers will be named soon!